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Environmental Initiatives

As a trading company dealing with global resources

In order to develop a concrete awareness of the global environment, DAISEN was quick to establish the "Environmental Philosophy" and "Environmental Policy", and is implementing various environmental initiatives in various business activities and corporate activities in general.
We have also acquired ISO14001:2015 (an international standard for environmental management systems) certification.
We update it every year.

Basic Environmental Philosophy

Daisen Sangyo Co., Ltd. is not constrained by tradition or field, and by making the most of its advantages as a specialized trading company, considers environmental conservation to be one of the most important management issues.
We will make company-wide efforts to solve problems.

Environmental Policy

  1. As a company that sells casting raw materials, carbon, petroleum, steelmaking raw materials, machinery and equipment, building materials, civil engineering materials, petrochemical products, and undertakes construction work, we are committed to environmental conservation such as energy saving, resource saving, and waste reduction. In addition to working on consideration, we will work for the purpose of actively providing customers with information, services, and products for reducing environmental impact.
  2. We will comply with environmental laws and regulations of the national government, local governments, etc., as well as other requirements to which we agree, and strive to protect the environment.
  3. As a company that develops a wide range of businesses, we will actively propose, develop, and sell environmentally friendly products.
  4. In order to steadily implement these efforts to reduce environmental impact, we will set and operate environmental objectives and targets, and continuously maintain and improve our environmental management organization and environmental management system through accurate reviews.
  5. In order to maintain and implement our environmental policy, we will document it, make it known to all employees working at our company, and make it available to the general public.

February 1, 2018
President Masataka Fukuda