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Chemicals Sector

Bringing innovation with a unique perspective

The chemical industry is involved in all industries.
In a wide range of industrial fields, we provide a wide variety of products and services necessary for the manufacturing of our business partners.
Based on a customer base based on strong trust and information accumulated over many years of sales activities, we will quickly deliver the best products to a wide range of markets.
In addition, by collaborating with other departments of our company, we will increase efficiency and work on solving a wide range of problems, maximizing the strengths of a complex trading company.

Contribution to industrial development

A wide variety of products are indispensable in each industrial field. Our division provides timely supply of products that meet the needs of our customers by utilizing not only our accumulated information but also our group companies and partners.
In addition, we contribute to the development of the industrial world by providing the latest information through our strong network in Japan and overseas to ensure a stable supply of the wide range of products we handle and by maintaining a common understanding within the sector to always have an appetite for new information.

Contributing to a rich and comfortable life

The Chemicals Sector handles a wide range of sales, from basic raw materials to final products that are available to general consumers.
Our business consists of products in four fields: "synthetic resins," "basic chemicals," "rubber," and "construction materials."
As a distributor of major chemical manufacturers, we provide information on all kinds of products in all industries that you need.
In addition, we are actively promoting proposals that are one step ahead by utilizing the knowledge and networks we have accumulated so far.
In addition, we are involved in the development of products that support a richer life through contact with many business partners.

Contribute to the global environment

The environment has become a keyword these days, such as global warming and marine pollution.
Effective utilization of limited resources is becoming more and more important and indispensable.
Backed by strong partnerships with long-standing business partners, we are involved in the reuse of various waste plastics, the reduction of industrial waste, and the development of new products.
We will share information with business partners all over the country and propose the best way to use it.
We are also contributing to environmental conservation with the aim of creating a recycling society through the expansion of our recycling business.

Main products handled

<synthetic resin>

  • General-purpose resin:PP、PE、EVA、PVC、PS、AS、ABS
  • engineering plastic:POM、PC、PMMA、PA6、PA66、PET、PBT、PPS
  • Elastomer:TPO、TPU、TPS、TPEE
  • Sub-materials, etc.:pigment、stabilizer、Flame retardants、blowing agent、plasticizer、Biodegradable/biomass plastic

<basic chemicals>

  • Inorganic chemicals:caustic soda、soda ash、liquid chlorine、hydrochloric acid、baking soda、calcium chloride、caustic potash、Glauber's salt、sodium hypochlorite、sodium silicate、urea、hydrogen peroxide
  • fine products:bromine、surfactant、silicone、Washing soap、synthetic zeolite、Ethyleneamines
  • Organic solvent:Aromatic、Aliphatic、ester、Ketone system、alcohol、Glycols
  • Raw material for paint:Coating resin、Hardener、pigment、Additive


  • synthetic rubber:SBR、BR、IR、EPDM、CR、NBR、ACM、FKM、Q
  • rubber chemicals:Carbon black、silica、clay、calcium carbonate、Flame retardants、coupling agent、vulcanizing agent
  • others:natural rubber、plasticizer、various latex、Various packing・sponge

<building materials>

  • housing materials:packing、bundle、inspection door、Resin frame、drainer、Eaves ventilation material、insulation、Breathable waterproof sheet、renovation material、Exterior material
  • Civil engineering/environmental materials:various pipes、steel pipe、manhole、basin、hose、waterproof sheet、weed control sheet、resin net、filter
  • Agricultural material:House materials、agriculture sheet、Props, seedling materials