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Fuel Equipment Division

As a trading company that deals with global resources,
for industry. and for the global environment.

The mainstay of our business is the sale of petroleum products (gasoline, heavy oil, diesel oil, kerosene, etc.) as well as various types of coke, which is indispensable to the steelmaking industry.
We also handle value-added steelmaking raw materials and steel products in response to user needs.
We also focus on recycling, collecting slag and dust generated by blast furnace and electric furnace makers.
We also contribute to the environment by selling them as valuable resources.

Competitiveness in the carbon and oil fields

Coke is an indispensable fuel for industries such as steel manufacturing.
Daisen has long procured coke from Japan's leading steel mills and chemical manufacturers, and sells it to electric furnace manufacturers, non-ferrous smelters, lime calciners, and chemical product manufacturers.
In recent years, we have also focused on imports from China and are working to establish a stable supply system.
In addition, in 2018, Kurosaki Co., Ltd. became a group company, greatly increasing the market share of dried coke. The quality and supply capability backed by strong relationships of trust with manufacturers are Daisen's strengths that rivals do not have.
Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd. sells petroleum products through gas stations operated by group company Toa Shoji Co., Ltd. as a distributor of Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd. In 1999, one of the first Osaka Gas "Eco Stations" (natural gas stands) was installed, supplying environmentally friendly energy.
We also sell industrial fuels and lubricants to factory customers.

Towards the creation of a recycling-oriented society, from the perspective of the environment

The Steelmaking Fuels and Equipment Sector is now placing the greatest emphasis on the recycling of by-products (resource waste) from steel mills of steel manufacturers.
It goes without saying that the extraction of valuable resources such as zinc and lead and their utilization in the form of products is important for Japan, a country with scarce natural resources.
With regard to our conventional approach to steelmaking raw materials (e.g., scrap), we have been focusing on timely recovery and supply to the market while keeping an eye on market trends.
Scrap is an important source of iron for electric furnaces.
We promote the stable supply of scrap to manufacturers.
In addition, molten metal, a byproduct of waste incineration facilities (gasification melting furnaces) operated by Nippon Steel Corporation for local governments across Japan, is reused and sold as weights for construction and heavy machinery and as a nonferrous refining resource.
Daicen will continue to take on various challenges to create a recycling-oriented society.

Supporting iron making with an ironclad defense
Create customer satisfaction with breakthroughs.

Steel mills operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
We cannot hut down a blast furnace just because a problem occurs.
We do our best to provide the "behind-the-scenes support" for the steel industry by installing and maintaining the facilities and equipment used in steel mills and handling consumable supplies such as chemicals.
We support stable production by connecting domestic and overseas equipment and machinery manufacturers with steelmakers

Daisen's "Never Say No!" attitude.

The Steelmaking Fuels and Equipment Sector's customers include Japan Steel Corporation (JFE Steel), Kobe Steel, blast furnace makers and their group companies, and electric furnace makers throughout Japan.
We deliver a wide range of products to steel mills, including steelmaking machinery, transportation and logistics equipment, measuring equipment, environmental equipment, and other equipment, as well as processed metal products, machine parts, casting products, cast steel products, heat-resistant materials, wear-resistant materials, and chemical industry products, in order to meet the sophisticated demands of our customers.
Of course, we cover all the processes in steelmaking, and we are committed to "Daisen never says no" in order to meet every request and solve problems.

Earn trust by providing timely information

Steelmaking companies are constantly faced with a variety of problems, many of which are not easy to solve.
The Steelmaking Fuels and Equipment Sector strives to quickly grasp the concerns and needs of our customers, work with equipment and equipment manufacturers, and provide the best solutions.
In addition to simply delivering and installing facilities and equipment, we are also focusing on strengthening software aspects such as consultation services, current situation analysis and solution proposals for realizing efficient operations.
We are passionate about earning the trust of both. Based on the belief that "those who control information control the market," we strive to provide timely information to both downstream and upstream markets

Comprehensive human strength is the greatest weapon

In procuring facilities, equipment, and parts, we are looking widely at overseas, and we are setting up an information antenna so that we can procure cheaply from China, South Korea, etc. and propose high-quality products. Comprehensive human power is the key to being able to put it into practice accurately.
We believe that the most important things are communication skills to listen to customers' requests, information gathering skills to collect useful information, mobility that enables quick responses, and sincerity (sincerity).
The Fuel Equipment Division is a new business sector within DAISEN, and since it has a short history, all staff are doing their best to build a track record so that they can quickly gain great trust from the market.

Main products handled


・Coke for ironmaking and non-ferrous metal refining
・carburizer for electric furnace
・Coke for lime burning and incineration plants
・oil coke
・Pitch coke/needle coke


・Fuel oil (gasoline, kerosene, light oil, heavy oil) manufacturer:Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd.
・automotive oil
・Industrial oil (industrial grease, etc.) manufacturer:Cosmo Oil Lubricants Co., Ltd.

<Iron powder/dust>

・Raw materials for weight materials
・Iron powder for reduction
・Environmentally friendly recycled materials
・Iron and steel manufacturing waste (conditioner sludge, rolling scale)

<Raw material for steelmaking>

・Various alloy wires, various scraps
・Deoxidizing material (aluminum), desulfurizing material


・Iron manufacturing machinery, large can manufacturing products
・Machine parts, machined parts, measuring machines

・Casting products, cast steel products

・Environmental equipment, chemical industry products

・Heat-resistant materials, wear-resistant materials, electric instruments, solution equipment, control devices, transfer systems, bearings,
CC mold, refractory bricks, repair maintenance (coding)