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Civil engineering Sector

For the challenges society faces

The Civil Engineering Sector has five major business channels.
1.Landscape/safety/functional materials
2.Rainwater control measures against torrential rain
3.Structural renewal
4.civil engineering materials
5.environmental greening
By providing materials and performing construction work related to items 1-5 above, we hope to address the infrastructure development, natural disasters, and environmental issues that society will face in the future, and to respond sensitively and accurately to the changing needs of civil engineering work with the times.

Rainwater storage infiltration system construction

Plastic rainwater storage and infiltration facilities are a construction method that has been attracting attention as the number of constructions has increased rapidly in recent years as a method of flood and inundation countermeasures against the increase in torrential rain in urban areas.
Compared to conventional concrete storage tanks, the material is lighter and has a simpler structure, so workability is improved, and costs can be reduced and the construction period can be shortened.
In addition, effective use in limited spaces can be expected by using water retention materials with a high porosity (95% or more).
Regarding maintenance, we also handle unit materials (hydrostuff) that have a sedimentation control system.
Since it is possible to clean the accumulated sand from the inspection hole, maintenance of the storage tank is easy and it is expected that the storage capacity can be maintained for a long time.

・Realization of high strength and excellent seismic performance (Level 2)
The unit members used have high compressive strength, and if the required earth covering (500 to 600 mm or more) is secured, it can withstand T-25 loads and can be installed under parking lots where cars stop.
Furthermore, due to its flexible structure, it has high seismic performance, and can withstand level 2 earthquakes (earthquakes that are considered to be the strongest for the structure in the past and in the future).

・Support from design/construction and drawing proposals
We provide support from the design stage, including calculation of the required storage volume at the planned location, flow calculations, and CAD drawings.
We also utilize our comprehensive capabilities as a trading company to handle many manufacturers' products, so we can propose products that meet your design conditions and desires, and even perform construction.

Staying close to the needs
of our customers

We place great importance on sensing what is needed now, what we must do now, and what is required of the Civil Engineering Sector, and executing it.
We hope to be a Civil Engineering Sector that can contribute to society as much as possible by working together as a team while staying close to our customers.

Main products handled

<Various construction>

○ Rainwater storage and infiltration facility construction (We will consistently propose from design to construction.)
・cross wave Manufacturer:Sekisui Techno Molding Co., Ltd.
・hydro stuff Manufacturer:Joto Ripron Co., Ltd.
・aqua road Manufacturer:Sekisui Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
・Lithrain Stadium Ⅱ Manufacturer:Risu Kogyo Co., Ltd.
・shin shin block Manufacturer:Shin Shin Block Co., Ltd.
・Ametaro Manufacturer:Aron Kasei Co., Ltd.
・Soil improvement method materials for rainwater storage tanks
「ground cell」
Manufacturer:Tokyo Ink Co., Ltd.
・Dedicated manhole for rainwater storage tank Manufacturer:Fukunishi Foundry Co., Ltd.
○ EPS civil engineering method(Lightweight embankment method)
・Embankment, widening, and backfilling of retaining walls on soft ground
○ Seismic reinforcement work
・Steel plate winding reinforcement work
・Carbon fiber sheet reinforcement work
・Aluminum brace reinforcement work
○ Renewal work
・Concrete structure spalling prevention work
○ Environmental facilities and greening work(Solar system construction, roof greening, wall greening)

<Various paving materials>

○ Sole distributor Aggregate for non-slip paving

○ Recycled aggregate

  • ・Used insulator aggregate“Hivory”

○ Other paving/civil engineering materials

  • ・Formwork color tile construction”daoratone tile”
  • ・Permeable natural stone pavement
  • ・rubber chip color pavement(On-site construction type, flat plate type, mat type)
  • ・Landscape product(Various fences, tree circles, manholes, gratings, etc.)
  • ・Civil engineering materials in general(Lawn protection materials, PVC pipes/PVC mass, FRPM pipes, embankment reinforcement materials, EPS, etc.)