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Foundry Materials and Equipment Sector

The best solution that only Daisen who knows everything about casting can do.
In addition to supplying raw materials, we also offer a wide range of services, from casting plant design to equipment installation consulting.

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Construction Sector

We have a lineup of various construction materials, including interior and exterior wall materials.
We operate a first-class architect office set up in our company to handle everything from the design of factories and public facilities to construction supervision.

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Civil Engineering Sector

We provide road and civil engineering materials based on the themes of "landscape", "safety" and "functionality".
We have a strong track record in rainwater storage and infiltration system construction, earthquake resistance surveys, reinforcement work, and building renewal work.

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Chemicals Sector

As a distributor of a major chemical manufacturer, we handle a wide variety of chemical products, resins, and rubber products.
We are also a distributor of measuring equipment (surface/interface cutting analysis equipment).

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Steelmaking Fuels and Plant Sector

We are in charge of the carbon field, which handles coke for iron and non-ferrous metal smelting, the petroleum field, which mediates petroleum products such as gasoline, and the installation and maintenance of various devices and equipment for steel mills as a partner of steel manufacturers for iron manufacturing.
We also handle a wide range of related chemical products.
We are especially proud of our achievements in the steelmaking process.

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Warehouse Sector・Real Estate Sector

Based in Nanko Warehouse (Osaka City), we develop logistics service business in various fields. In urban areas, we are making effective use of our superior land assets in a way that suits the region.

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