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Foundry Materials and Equipment Sector

Daisen, with its expertise in casting, will meet your expectations.
From raw material supply to plant consulting.

Cast iron is an old and familiar metal material that was born with the formation of civilized society.
Today, it is widely used in industrial fields such as automobile engines and brake parts, ships, and machine tools, as well as in the infrastructure maintenance of urban life such as water pipes and gas pipes.
As an independent casting general trading company, Daisen has formed a partnership with Nippon Steel Corporation to meet the diverse needs of casting manufacturers and everyone who handles castings.

We will increase the number of satisfied customers who say, "It was a pleasure doing business with Daisen”.

Daisen handles a wide range of materials related to casting (gray cast iron, spheroidal graphite cast iron, malleable cast iron, CV graphite cast iron, alloy cast iron, various cast steel products, and non-ferrous castings) from around the world, including pig iron for casting from Nippon Steel Corporation.
Our unique know-how, cultivated over 70 years of business experience, boasts the highest level of added value in the industry.
We will spare no effort to increase the number of customers who say, "It was a pleasure doing business with Daicen.
In addition to information on castings, we also focus on providing information on technology, purchasing, business matching, etc. that we believe will be beneficial to our customers.

Consulting based on the latest technology

A major feature of Daisen's Foundry Materials and Equipment Sector is that in 1968, when the role of trading companies was limited to intermediary operations for product distribution, the company had already established a casting consultation office and engaged in technical consulting services for casting manufacturers.
Currently, our consulting services cover a wide range of areas from technology to management matters, and in collaboration with our in-house construction and civil engineering departments, we respond to diverse requests such as design and construction management of casting plants, plant renewal, and installation of equipment and facilities.

Aggressive expansion into hot global markets

Daisen, including its predecessor, has been actively engaged in a wide range of overseas transactions since before the war, purchasing superior products and raw materials at reasonable prices and supplying them to the market.
That DNA has been handed down unbroken to this day, and we are promoting overseas expansion suitable for the age of globalization. In 2011, "Shanghai Da Pig Trading Co., Ltd." was established in China. Initially, it functioned as a liaison office, but as a result of efforts to collect and analyze a wide range of business-related information, it was promoted to a local subsidiary.
Since then, we have expanded our overseas bases mainly in Southeast Asia such as Vietnam and Thailand, aiming to literally expand our trading area in the global market.

Investing in advanced research such as technological innovation

Casting has a long history, but it is a metal material that constantly has new aspects. It is also a raw material (product) that is always required by advanced industries.
Daisen cooperates with technological innovation aimed at cost reduction in casting production, efficiency improvement of production process and reduction of man-hours.
In terms of the environment and energy conservation, we take pride in our position as an industry leader and focus on advanced research activities, such as the reuse of sand molds (sand) discarded during casting production and the development of production fuels for casting.

Main products handled

Pig iron for casting

・Pig iron for multifunctional casting
・Pig iron for high-purity foundry

<Various mechanical equipment>

・material feeder--Electric furnace material supply system

・dissolution--high frequency furnace、Groove holding furnace、arc furnace、Material preheating device、Cold/hot air cupola、no lining cupola、dehumidifier、Tilting crucible furnace for non-ferrous metals、Tilting holding furnace for non-ferrous metals、Breeze blower、automatic pouring machine、rotary furnace“marco pau furnace”

・modeling--Various molding machines、Various core molding machines、cold box machine、Molding machine for β set、Reversing machine

・sand treatment--Various green sand processing equipment、Various mixers for organic and inorganic、Organic/inorganic recovery equipment and single equipment

・product processing--drum tumblast、apron blast、table blast、crane blast、continuous shot blast、grinder、cutter、

・Core drop device“De Corr”、Deburring and inner/outer surface finishing equipment “Cascade system”、Automatic deburring device、Gate-type five-sided burr processing machine“GANBARIKUN”、automatic grinder、Crushing machine

・dust collector--Back filter for cupola and high frequency furnace、Cyclone、scrubber

・Conveyor equipment--Various belt conveyors、Various roller conveyors、vibrating conveyor、bucket elevator、air flow、balance arm、various cranes、forklift

・Measuring equipment--Emission spectrometer、X-ray fluorescence analyzer、CE meter、SG meter、ND tester、Various material testing machines、Various analyzers、Various flaw detectors、image analysis computer、Various measuring instruments、Secondary/three-dimensional solidification analysis system and weight calculation system Digital hoist scale

・Pollution control device--Various deodorizing equipment、Anti-seismic device、soundproofing device、water treatment equipment“clean filter”

<Secondary materials for casting>

・ferroalloys and inoculants--ferrosilicon、ferromanganese、Ferromolybdenum、ferronickel、Ferrovanadium、silicon manganese、Ferrochrome、calcium silicon

・Spheroidizing agent and various desulfurizing agents--magnesium alloy、Various desulfurization agents


・Release agent

・metal processing agent"Akdis M series"

・Strainer and slag remover

・Binder for organic mold making--Alpha set、beta set、furan resin"N furan" 、Various mold additives――Various bentonite、starch、lime powder、Various sodium silicate

・Coating agents and solvents Silica sand for molds、Coated sand and various refractories

<Foundry products>

・One-touch type casting date mark(For molds, resin molds, wooden molds)

・handheld digital microscope

・Products handled by Maeda Shell Service Co., Ltd.--“tough coat”“3in1 multi-dry filter”“Vulkollan” Casting finish/environmental products――“Super Gori”“swing glider”、“swing cutter”、“waste oil burner”
・Zelast rust prevention film

・casting products

・Starting block for low frequency furnace


・Aluminum related products--Mold individual cooling、Individual melting furnace、holding furnace、Peripheral device Fine bubble generator--"Nano1 System"(nano one system) Foundry layout consulting

<Development product>

Metal powder Prototypes of fine powder are accepted.
Our unique atomization method provides fine powder with a high yield.