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Message from the President

A broad view of the world's tomorrow,
Read the trends of the times and continue to meet the expectations of our customers.

The history of Daisen overlaps with the history of Japan's modernization.
As a composite trading company, we have overcome the turbulence of the times together with our country, overcoming them, and have made progress toward the development of industry and the prosperity of people's lives.

Today, with the globalization of the economy, our company is working to procure raw materials and products, develop new business partners, adjust business matching, and create new demand while looking broadly at the future of the world.
Its overseas bases are "Shanghai Daisen Trading Co., Ltd." opened in Shanghai, China, and "THAI DAISEN TRADING CO., LTD" and "VIETNAM DAISEN TRADING CO., LTD" opened in Bangkok, Thailand.
We will continue to build our business network in Indonesia, Malaysia, and other Southeast Asian countries, and provide added value that exceeds the expectations of everyone with whom we do business.

The era in which trading companies were only involved in the intermediation of product distribution is over.
We are actively working with product manufacturers in all of our business segments, including foundry materials and equipment, construction, civil engineering, chemicals, and Steelmaking Fuels and Equipment, to support the development of functional products and to cultivate new markets.

Daisen boasts a history of about 180 years dating back to its founding, and has made history by reading the wind of the times and skillfully responding to the needs of society.
One of the conditions for a company to maintain and develop its business over the long term is the trust of society.We are proud to be here today because we value that trust and have responded to the ever-changing needs of the market

We are determined to continue responding sensitively to the needs of the times, sticking to compliance in corporate management, actively working on the environment through our business, and playing a part in the realization of sustainable development.We believe that this is the most important CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) of a company that engages in business related to global resources.
Please pay attention to Daisen in the future.

President Masataka Fukuda