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Construction Sector

From the design and construction of all interior and exterior materials

The Construction Sector handles all types of interior and exterior materials.
For example, ALC (Siporex/Sumitomo Metal Mining Siporex), extrusion molded cement board (Mace/Aicatec Building Materials), metal heat insulation sandwich panels (IG Wand/IG Industries) for exteriors requiring fire resistance performance, fire-resistant heat insulation partitions (Taikadan/Styro Processing) for interior partitions We are responsible for the delivery of ceramic and metal interior and exterior materials from design to installation.
We also handle a wide variety of metal work such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and other exterior panels, as well as Alpolic, exterior louvers, fluoroplastic laminated steel sheets, heavy-duty corrosion-resistant panels, etc.
We can not only meet all building needs, but we can also solve complicated joints.
We can also solve complicated joints.

Help from the building design stage

Each building is designed and constructed based on various concepts, such as "a building with this kind of image" or "a building that requires this kind of performance.
The Sales Promotion Group of the Construction Sector proposes commercial materials from a wide variety of commercial materials that meet these concepts in terms of performance, design, and installation.
When I see a completed building that has adopted the exterior materials I proposed at the design stage, I feel a sense of fulfillment from being involved in the construction process, even though I have the mistaken impression that I built the building myself.

Based on history and achievements

In the mid-1920s, ALC (lightweight foamed concrete) was developed in Sweden and spread throughout Europe in the 1930s.
It was later introduced to Japan in 1962, and four years later, Daisen Sangyo's Construction Sector was established as the Construction Materials Department, which is almost the same as the history of ALC in Japan.
As a pioneering distributor of ALC, the Construction Sector has not only participated in many construction projects, but also has a history of working with manufacturers to improve and develop commercial materials based on their achievements.

Company-wide safety efforts

Safety is the number one priority for those involved in construction.
At the head office, we have established a safety and health committee consisting of safety and health committee members from each department.
We hold monthly safety and health committee meetings centered on the general safety and health manager to discuss issues common to the entire company, which are then reflected in the monthly safety and health committee meetings of each department.
The Construction Sector has established cooperative associations in each region centered on subcontractors to whom construction is requested, and is striving to further raise safety awareness by holding monthly safety conferences.

Main products handled

<construction materials>

・ALC panel construction
・Extruded cement plate construction
mace board Manufacturer:AICA TECH KENZAI CO.,LTD.
・Metal insulation sandwich panel construction
IG WAND Manufacturer:IG KOGYO Co., Ltd.
・Interior and exterior metal panel work
Aluminum, stainless steel, steel, etc.
・Various metal work
Spandrels, louvers, head board, etc.
・Aluminum laminated composite board construction
ALPOLIC Manufacturer:Mitsubishi Chemical Infratec Co.,Ltd.
・Perforated PC board construction
spancrete Manufacturer:SPANCRETE CORPORATION
・Fluororesin laminated steel plate
・Fireproof insulation partition work
Taikadan Panel Manufacturer:STYROKAKOH
・System construction work
Low-cost building system Manufacturer:Yokogawa System Buildings Corp.NIPPON STEEL TRADING SYSTEM BUILDING Corp.